How Do Shows Work?

Our venue is a listening room, with focus on the music and friendship.

Our shows are listening room type shows. We focus our attention on the artist and their performance. The small venue creates an intimate and incredible music experience.

Doors are open by 6pm, most people show up between 6:45pm and 7pm. We start the music at 8pm and typically do 2 - 45 minute sets with a brief intermission.

Many people bring snacks or finger foods to share. Bring your own booze, beer or wine, but we have soda and water available free. We also have plenty of refrigeration for your goodies. The atmosphere is upbeat but relaxed, never rowdy and is much like having a few friends over to your home.

$15 Recommended donation at the door. $5 for ages under 18. 100% goes to the artist. We encourage bringing some extra cash for CDs or other merch as many of our musicians you may not have heard of, but we guarantee you'll be hooked on each one after the first set.

Chatting while a song is being played is strongly discouraged. The room we have the show in has (completely by accident) amazing acoustics, and even at a whisper, everyone can hear your conversation. Please be courteous.

We hope to see you at the next show!