Brock Zeman Live

Brock Zeman Live November 16, 2018

Not living in Canada, you may have missed the now world famous Brock Zeman. It’s about time we helped with that. Brock’s melodies are uplifting and bold, his lyrics are honest, beautiful and gritty, matching his voice, which is trained, full of range, and contains a gravel highway.

Brock Zeman is a driven, charismatic and passionate singer-songwriter from Lanark, Canada. His music is all about connecting with listeners through uplifting melodies, organic soundscapes and earnest lyricism , not unlike artists the likes of Wilco, Ryan Adams or Damien Rice.

His blend of Americana relies on the insightful depth of his song writing as well as on the bare and elegant instrumentation. Brock’s direct approach is all about turning simplicity and seamlessness into the strength and core of his songs.

Not many people can do what Brock Zeman does…These are good songs—really good songs.”

“I cannot recommend this artist highly enough and wish I had been graced by his music long before now.”

“His songs have more depth than can be realized first time through, which only enhances with each listen.”

“He’s a story-teller, an observer who sings real-life struggles about characters you care about.”

“Absolutely top notch!” Kelly Symes, Festival of Small Halls

“Brock and Blair wowed our audience..” Beneath the Arch Concert Series