The Fire Room @ Picks Gallery

small format music venue

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Our shows are listening room type shows. We focus our attention on the artist and their performance. The small venue creates an intimate and incredible music experience.

Despite the name, Matt the Electrician is no longer an electrician, focusing instead on a music career that has spanned the course of two decades, a dozen records, and literally thousands of shows. It’s folk music for a modern age, rooted in lyrics that focus on the realities and challenges of the 21st century as opposed to, say, the old-school thrill of hopping trains.
“I don’t generally write mining disaster songs,”he explains. “I tend to write about things that have happened to me and my family. Songs about the small things in life, which, to me, are really the big things.”

You know Mike June. He's got great stuff and it's been too long since you've seen him. Come by and say, "How you doin'?"
"Name one artist writing more relevant songs about what is going on this world; go on, I'll wait. Right. You CAN'T, can you? Told you. Mike June is all heart, surrounded by a Jersey flavored candy-coating." - Jon Dee Graham, singer, songwriter, artist

Rod Picott is one of our favorite musicians. His songs study everyman's struggle and success through life in a way rarely seen. His songs expose raw emotion while being immensely entertaining. Much of his extensive library of music is autobiographical and Rod hides behind no curtains. Join us for an evening of fun and friendship.

Eric Taylor makes his long-awaited return to the Fire Room!

Chad Elliott makes his much anticipated return to The Fire Room! He's got a new album out and is winning awards and hearts all over the world. If you haven't seen his shows at the Fire Room, you need to check him out.